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Check out the Free Music Collective who also helps out local Independent artists. 
Upstream Design Inc., Transformative business solutions We believe in the power of ideas. Every great client alliance starts with strategy and a deep understanding of the purpose of your business.
When we partner with clients, your company’s purpose shines and attracts ideal clients to ensure long-term success.

Dark Oak Productions and Recordings – Your Source for Audio Production Audio augmetation and creation, the Eargasm you’ve been listening for.
Info Princess Graphics and Designs
Value Dog Training – Number One by the Sacramento Bee
Cecil Archbold Voice Over – High Quality Voice Over Recordings
E and N Auto Repair, Lincoln Nebraska’s number one auto repair center.


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If you have a local business that you would like to be heard on Third Eye Radio, you may either email or purchase advertisement time via PayPal options below.

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We are also partnered with Dark Oak Productions and Recordings, so if you are interested in having a commercial produced for you, click below:




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