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Barrysolo – The Barrysolo Show

Folks, I am so happy to be joining the Third Eye Radio crew and all of you who listen in on the Third Eye Radio Network. Y’now, nowadays, you can go to your Spotify, your Soundcloud, your You Tube, your own digital music library..and stream any kind of conceivable music you want, all day, and all night…What I love and what I miss is the dinosaur of old time DJ broadcasts… Someone coming right into your world, sharing the grooves with you. Talking about the music being spun. Taking requests. Sharing with you… Let’s do this together, let’s invoke our community connection and spirit. In the old days, all you had was the music streaming from your AM and FM channels. Broadcasters bringing select genres of music, news, etc. We all had our favorites, and that became a cherished part of all our lives. Now, we venture forth to create and renew some of that same radio tradition.

I, myself, was stationed with the United States Navy in the Philippines from ages of 19-21, and low and behold they had a radio station right on the base. Somehow, I was assigned to work at the station. I actually became the station manager and along with administrative duties, I began to broadcast a Jazz show on FM, and rhythm and blues show on AM. That was my start in broadcasting, which took a 50-year hiatus until recently when I was able to renew my love for broadcasting by creating live shows. First on Mixlr, and now with Third Eye Radio.

Suffice to say, those 50 years in between have been epic with all the ups and downs, twists and turns, as we would expect…Spending a year in solitary retreat in India, to some years in Southern Humboldt County, settling down in San Francisco for the last 35yrs…working, raising children, meditating with Shambhala, rallying behind the 49ers, the Giants, and now the Warriors. A few ouches, bandaids, and rays of sun along the way.

Speaking of which, emerging as a reborn Deadhead in and about 2001, of course, I had always like their music and style. But, felt I was more of a Jazz guy than a Dead guy…That all changed one night at a Grateful Dead show in Oakland…With a little help from my friends, my love for the Dead and Jamband style music became fused into my being. Your will hear allot of this on the Barrysolo broadcasts

So, now, fast forwarding to 2017…Please join me and listen in…You will hear Jazz, and Jamband, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Eclectic.

You name it…As the mood and the opportunity avail. (Well, anything perhaps except Lawrence Welk.)…Let’s do this.

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