Listen outside the box!

Logo showing Earth with an eye in the center wearing headphones with the sun, moon, and stars.

Who we are

Third Eye Radio was founded by Darragh Ryan and has recently partnered with Sweet Louis T to bring you a wide range of music genres and community issues.
Our Team:
Darragh Ryan
Founder, Program Manager, Platform Administrator, Broadcaster, Production Specialist.

Sweet Louis T Partner, Relations Officer, Broadcaster.
Northern Light Star, Musician, Researcher, Broadcaster.

Third Eye Community

Our community thrives on well-being, growth, involvement, and the arts. Check back often for schedule updates and ways to get involved.

Calling all Independents and local artists!

We are looking for independent and local musicians to feature on Third Eye Radio with the eventual goal of playing independent and local artists 24/7! Contact us today to have your sound heard.

Want to help?

We are community driven and with your help and contributions, we can bring you the content that matters most to you. Please consider donating either one time or a monthly contribution to help us bring the best local music and issues into the ears listening worldwide.

Listen Outside The Box!